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Undo, unlock file (User’s checkout) in TFS

Posted by kiquenet en 6 octubre 2014

    Like Brett Rogers posted in StackOverflow:

    There are at least 2 different ways to do this:

    Command Line

    There is a command-line utility called Tf.exe that comes with Team Explorer. Find the documentation here. It can be accessed by launching a Visual Studio Command Prompt window.

  • Open up Visual Studio command prompt (Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio 200X -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual Studio 200X Command Prompt)
  • Run the following command: tf.exe

tf Command

Deleting the workspace

tf workspace /delete WorkspaceName;User

tf lock /lock:none /workspace:WorkspaceName;USERNAME /recursive $/

To get the list of workspaces for a user, just run the following command from the same prompt:

tf workspaces /owner:username

Real sample:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC>tf undo /workspace:TeamAdministration;mydomain\myuser $/Administration/WebUI/App_Data/Web.sitemap /recursive

No pending changes were found for $/Administration/WebUI/App_Data/Web.sitemap.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC>tf lock /lock:none /workspace:TeamAdministration;mydomain\myuser $/Administration/WebUI/App_Data/Web.sitemap /recursive

TF10152: The item $/Administration/WebUI/App_Data/Web.sitemapmust remain locked because its file type prevents multiple check-outs.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC>tf workspace /delete TeamAdministration;mydomain\myuser

A deleted workspace cannot be recovered.

Workspace ‘TeamAdministration;mydomain\myuser’ on server ‘http://myteamserver:8080/ has 0 pending change(s).

Are you sure you want to delete the workspace? (Yes/No) Y

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC>tf undo /workspace:TeamAdministration;mydomain\myuser $/Administration/WebUI/App_Data/Web.sitemap /recursive

TF14061: The workspace TeamAdministration;mydomain\myuser does not exist.


The second is via the GUI, but does not come standard – you have to install the TFS Power Tools. See here for details on how to use this method.

Keep in mind that with either method you will need the appropriate rights. The permissions are called "Undo other users’ changes" and "Unlock other users’ changes". These permissions can be viewed by:

  1. Right-clicking the desired project, folder, or file in Source Control Explorer
  2. Select Properties
  3. Select the Security tab
  4. Select the appropriate user or group in the Users and Groups section at the top
  5. View the "Permissions for [user/group]:" section at the bottom

Another good option, use the free TFS Sidekick application






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tf Command-Line Utility Tool in Team Foundation Server

Posted by kiquenet en 3 febrero 2011

Use the tf command line in scripting

Example for get:
cd C:\TFS\Arquitectura
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\TF.exe get $/Arquitectura/Main /recursive

Example for checkout:
cd C:\TFS\Arquitectura
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\TF.exe checkout $/Arquitectura/Main /recursive

Example for checkin:
cd C:\TFS\Arquitectura
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\TF.exe checkin $/Arquitectura/Main /recursive

%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\TF.exe" get $/Project /recursive for VS 2010 on Win x64.

Referencia de tf.exe

Tf Command-Line Utility Commands

Ruta del comando:

%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\TF.exe

tf Command line utility provide many useful operations that we can perform with Team Foundation Server.

tf add – adds news folder and file from file system to TFS Source Control. Need to do check-in before these file can be visible.
tf add itemspec [/lock:none|checkin|checkout] [/type:filetype] [/noprompt] [/recursive]

tf branch – copies an item/s from one location to another inside TFS Source Control. Need to do check-in before these file can be visible.
tf branch olditem newitem [/version:versionspec] [/noget] [/lock] [/noprompt]

tf branches – displays the history of a branch which can be a file or a folder.
tf branches [/server:servername] itemspec [/version]

tf changeset – displays info about changesets such as comments, notes and etc…
tf changeset [/comment:comment|@commentfile] [/server:servername] [/notes:(“NoteFieldName”=”NoteFieldValue”|@notefile)] [/noprompt] [changesetnumber | /latest]

tf checkin – checks in pending changes to the TFS Source Control.
tf checkin [/author:author name] [/comment:("comment"|@comment file)] [/noprompt] [/notes:(“Note Name”=”note text”|@notefile)] [/override:reasonfile|@reason] [/recursive] [/saved] [/validate] [filespec]

tf checkout – checks out local files for edit.
tf checkout [/lock:(none|checkin|checkout)] [/recursive] [/type:encoding] itemspec

tf configure – updates Source Control Settings with modified Check-out settings; Check-in policies; Check-in notes
tf configure [path of team project] /server:servername

tf delete – removes files and folders from TFS
tf delete [/lock:(none|checkin|checkout)] [/recursive] itemspec

tf diff – displays differences between two files or a shelveset
tf diff[erence] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/type:filetype] [/format:format [/ignorespace] [/ignoreeol] [/ignorecase] [/recursive] [/options]
tf diff[erence] itemspec itemspec2 [/type:filetype] [/format: format] [/ignorespace] [/ignoreeol] [/ignorecase] [/recursive] [/options]
tf diff[erence] [/shelveset:shelvesetname[;shelvesetowner]] shelveset_itemspec [/server: servername] [/type:filetype] [/format: format] [/ignorespace] [/ignoreeol] [/ignorecase] [/recursive] [/options]
tf diff[erence] /configure

tf dir – presents the contents of the TFS Source Control server
tf dir [/server:servername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/recursive] [/folders] [/deleted]

tf get – gets a read-only copy of a file from the TFS to the workspace and creates folders with the file on the disk.
tf get itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/all] [/overwrite] [/force] [/preview] [/recursive] [/noprompt]

tf help – shows help topics about TFS command.
tf help commandname

tf history – shows history of revisions for file/s and folders.
tf history [/server:servername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/stopafter:number] [/recursive] [/user:username] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/slotmode] [/noprompt]

tf label – creates or removes a label from a version of a file or folder
tf label [/server:servername] labelname[@scope] [/owner:ownername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/comment:("comment"|@commentfile)] [/child:(replace|merge)] [/recursive]
tf label [/server:servername] /delete labelname[@scope] [/owner:ownername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/recursive]

tf labels – shows labels in the TFS
tf labels [/owner:ownername] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/server:servername] [labelname]

tf lock – locks or unlocks a file or folder
tf lock itemspec /lock:(none|checkout|checkin) [/workspace:workspacename] [/server:servername] [/recursive]

tf merge – applies changes from one branch into another
tf merge [/recursive] [/force] [/candidate] [/discard] [/version:versionspec] [/lock:none|checkin|checkout] [/preview] [/baseless] [/nosummary] source destination

tf merges – shows detailed information about past merges between branches
tf merges [/server:servername] destination [/recursive]

tf properties – presents info about items under TFS Source Control
tf properties [/server:servername] [/recursive] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/workspace]

tf rename – renames files or folder paths. Also used to move files or folders.
tf rename [/lock:(none|checkout|checkin)] olditem newitem

tf resolve – resolves conflicts between changed items
tf resolve [itemspec] [/auto:(AcceptMerge|AcceptTheirs|AcceptYours|OverwriteLocal|DeleteConflict|AcceptYoursRenameTheirs)] [/preview] [(/overridetype:overridetype | /converttotype:converttype)] [/recursive] [/newname:path]

tf shelve – stores or deletes pending changes with check-in notes, a comment, and work items.
tf shelve [/replace] [/comment:(@commentfile|"comment")] [shelvesetname[;owner] [/validate]
tf shelve [/move] [/replace] [/comment:(@commentfile|"comment")] [/recursive] shelvesetname[;owner] filespec [/validate]
tf shelve /delete [/server:servername] shelvesetname[;owner] [/validate]

tf shelvsets – shows info about a set of shelved changes inside TFS Source Control
tf shelvesets [/owner:ownername] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/server:servername] shelvesetname

tf status – shows info about pending changes to items
tf status itemspec [/server:servername] ([/workspace:workspacename[;workspaceowner]] | [/shelveset:shelvesetname[;shelvesetowner]]) [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/recursive] [/user:(*|username)]

tf undelete – restores deleted items
tf undelete [/noget] [/lock:(none|checkin|checkout)] [/newname:name] [/recursive] itemspec[;deletionID]

tf undo – removes pending changes from a TFS workspace
tf undo [/workspace:workspacename[;workspaceowner]] [/server:servername] [/recursive] itemspec [/noprompt]

tf unlabel – removes an item from an existing label
tf unlabel [/server:servername] [/recursive] labelname itemspec

tf unshelve – restores shelved file revisions, check-in notes, comments, and work items.
tf unshelve [/move] [shelvesetname[;username]] itemspec [/recursive] [/noprompt]

tf view – retrieves a specific version of a file to a disk
tf view [/server:servername] [/console] [/recursive] [/shelveset:shelvesetname[;owner]] [/noprompt] itemspec [/version:versionspec]

tf workfold – creates, updates, or displays info about the mappings between your workspace and TFS Source Control
tf workfold localfolder
tf workfold [/workspace: workspacename]
tf workfold [/server:servername] [/workspace: workspacename] serverfolder
tf workfold [/map serverfolder localfolder] [/server:servername] [/workspace: workspacename] (serverfolder|localfolder)
tf workfold /unmap [/server:servername] [/workspace: workspacename] [/recursive] (serverfolder|localfolder)
tf workfold /cloak (Team Foundation source control serverfolder|localfolder) [/workspace: workspacename] [/s:servername]
tf workfold /decloak (serverfolder|localfolder) [/workspace: workspacename] [/s:servername]

tf workspace – creates, modifies and views properties and mappings
tf workspace /new [/noprompt] [/template:workspacename[;workspaceowner]] [/computer:computername] [/comment:(“comment”|@comment file)] [/s:servername] [workspacename[;workspaceowner]]
tf workspace /delete [/server:servername] workspacename[;workspaceowner]
tf workspace [/server:servername] [/comment:comment] [/newname:workspacename] [workspacename[;workspaceowner]]

tf workspaces – displays info about workspaces in the system
tf workspaces [/owner:ownername] [/computer:computername] [/server:servername] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/updateUserName:oldUserName] [/updateComputerName:oldComputerName] workspacename
tf workspaces /remove:(*|workspace1[,workspace2,...]) /server:(*|server)

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