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PSExec Troubleshooting

Posted by kiquenet en 6 agosto 2014

Version PsExec v2.11

PsExec \\SERVER -u myDomain\UserDeployTFS -p xxx cmd.exe /v /c
time /t

PsExec \\SERVER -u myDomain\UserDeployTFS -p xxx cmd.exe /v /c echo ^%computername^%

Useful commands:

Checked the ports used by PSExec, 445 and 135, and both are open on the SERVER machine (nc is a unix commad)

nc –z SERVER 445
nc –z SERVER 135

Telnet SERVER 445

net user administrator /enable:yes

runas /user:myDomain\UserDeployTFS cmd

cmdkey.exe /add: SERVER /user:myDomain\UserDeployTFS /pass:XXXX

cmdkey.exe /delete: SERVER

all network based authentication/credentials between the two computers with differing clocks will fail. Local accounts will still be able to login. If you use something like psexec and instead of using your domain credentials, you specify valid administrative credentials on the local machine, it should connect just fine and allow you to fix the clock.

schtasks.exe /create /F /S $RemoteHost /ru domain\User /rp password /tn Sync-Time /sc Once /st $NowPlusOneMinute /tr "w32tm /resync"

PsExec needs the local administrator account on windows to be enabled. Recent Windows(following linux) has made this account default set to disabled(the logic is the same as for ‘sudo’ in linux: security). Enable this account by the following command(run command prompt as administrator)…

net user administrator /enable:yes

set the network credentials:
cmdkey /list:%DOMAIN% | find "%DOMAIN_USER%" >NUL || cmdkey /add:%DOMAIN% /user:%DOMAIN%\%DOMAIN_USER% /pass:%DOMAIN_USER_PWD% >>%LOGFILE% 2>>&1

Runas was not possible with local shares and other permissions.


Couldn’t access SERVER:

Access is denied.









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